Finding Anie in the Thunderstorm


The day I found my daughter, hell kissed the earth in the form of rain.

I could swear the entire neighbourhood would be flooded again as I waited at the bus stop for a bus that would take me for my night shift as a security guard in the state hospital.

The poor excuse for a bus stand failed to shield me from the fury of the rain, even the ceaseless thunderbolts looked like they were trying desperately not to miss killing me that night. I was soaked, dirty and just frustrated.

I looked at my watch out of habit and in exasperation, it was 10.30pm and my shift was supposed to have started by 10pm. I could only imagine the coldness that would greet me from my partner; his wife is suffering from something worst than paranoia and coming back late would definitely not aid his peaceful sleep tonight.

Just when I was about giving up on the disappointing buses to start the 30 minutes trek to the waiting coldness, a vehicle sped past me, splashing rain water and mud on my already dirty self. I was too tired to even raise my voice so I just started the terrible job of wiping the mud from my trousers when the vehicle sped away again splashing more mud, this time on my bent back.

I was truly angry this time but could only scream at the rain and scurrying rats from the dumpster nearby where the car stopped for few seconds before it continued its devilish race. I didn’t bother trying to clean up myself, I just started the lonely reluctant march to my duty post.

I had hardly gone few steps away from the bus stand when I clearly heard the piercing cry of a baby. I stopped dead in my tracks wondering where the cry was coming from as there was no human at all in sight talk less of with a baby.

Gradually, I realised it was coming from the dumpster and it hit me hard immediately that it was what the reckless car had come to do; dump a baby. I moved closer as I trembled with cold and fear and a thousand questions racing through my mind. What would I do with the child? Where do I take the baby? Do I report it? It just never occurred to me to leave the baby there. Never.

The baby looked so beautiful, so tiny and so wet. Instinctively I carried her close to my chest and rocked her till she was quiet. My shift was soon forgotten, the rain and hating thunderbolts were locked somewhere in my subconscious, all I cared about was shielding this tiny sunshine from a very cruel world.

Carefully I walked through the muddy streets back to my tiny shack at the end of the road, sending a prayer up to the rain and thunder for bringing a little sunshine to my sad and lonely life

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Sewing Machine

Yeah yeah so the prompt for today is sewing machine and I came up with this…

It always feels bad to know that you are being used but you know what’s worse? Remaining in that used position, once you know get out and away from it. Such a person doesn’t deserve you at all, throw away the emotions and be strong because that strength is inside of you. And what’s more? You have God too!!!