Single and Struggling- A poem to appreciate single mothers


As the yellow sun sets o’er the ocean
And deep darkness envelopes the earth
As the world is rocked to sleep by the night’s rhythm
She stays awake, and with the stars keep watch

She’s often terrified. She’s often paranoid.
Alone and lonely; chocked by the grip of terror
She watches helplessly as her exuberance slowly fades
Hurt and vulnerable, she curses her miserable fate

Perched precariously on the edge of the night
She wonders what new mischief the dawn brings
She rocks the cradle, and sings, and dozes, and wakes
A vicious cycle from which there’s no breaking

Always the last to bed; always the first to rise
The lives of wild, innocent little things rest on her shoulder
She cannot falter. She cannot break. She cannot rest
She cries in the rain, and sends her miseries to the clouds

Life is not fair. The world is a cruel, dark place
She’s an object of undeserved neglect – a Cinderella
Still, I marvel at her strength, and her pride
Her resilience, and instinct, her love, and affection

She’s a father, and a mother, and a doctor, and a cook
Roles she never wanted, duties life hadn’t prepared her for
Her hair suddenly greys, but I still see her beauty
Her skin quickly wrinkles, but I still see her radiance
                                                       ©Ademola Adeyoju & Onashile Peace {Tolarnee}

**So this was written by an awesome friend of mine, Ademola Adeyoju and I to appreciate the sacrifices of single mothers all over the world especially young widows.


Finding Joy in the Midst of Your Mistakes


I have made a lotta sh*tty stupid mistakes
I look back and it hurts
Sometimes I try to think of the consequences
I am not even sure what they might be
Not sure that when they come visiting
I will be able to handle
In my moping and regrets I keep making more mistakes
They almost becoming habits
Then I realise
Ain’t nothing I can do about yesterday
Can’t keep anticipating consequences either
Why not even in the midst of mistakes
Live each moment without burdens
Psychological and emotional
Embrace the past
Deal with its fruits
When happiness comes, flow with it
The depression just let it be
Take one toe after the other
There is only so much I can do
Even if its just fulfilment for the moment
Its better than constant regrets
And the life of a walking dead
So live darling
Its not perfect yet
You don’t know it all
Just maybe,
This time I might take my own advice

Onashile Peace (tolarnee)

***So I woke up today thinking of the million and one things I have not done right with my life. In fact that happens often but then I had to keep reminding myself that there is nothing I can do about the past.

The truth is even though people say you can do much about your future, the best you can really do is plan, nothing is certain. So why let uncertainties and regrets prevent you from enjoying the moment?

Its so messed up to have regretful past, uncertain future and a worry-filled today. I know it’s easier said than done to just focus on making the best of the present without bothering about yesterday or tomorrow but you can try.

You can try like I am trying to do now, my writing right now is about making the best of the present so do same and try to find the joy in whatever you are doing and focus on it.

I hope y’all have a beautiful day filled with joy and less worry….much love😘😘

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A Forever Cycle of Expected Heartbreaks


The cycle of heartbreak is one you are used to
You know the beginning, the middle and end
At first
You lived for the beginning
The beautiful romance
Soul deep connections
And promising forevers
But now you can’t wait to get to the end
You know it’s getting there
When they get to that point
They always do
No one is different
So you wait patiently for them
And when they do
You seize it and never let it go
The heart break point
It’s over and its on to the next one
But he
He is touching the tendrils of the point
Yet not quite reaching there
Not giving enough for you to hold as his crime
He is playing a game you don’t understand
Leaving you guessing and elongating the expected heart break
Then you get angry
Gradually and steadily the anger grows
And finally the anger becomes your excuse
It becomes the abnormal point
Bingo! Its the end
The cycle would always find a way
To complete itself
Just because you want it to
You have grown used to the cycle
Love would never be enough
To break your hopeless romance
With a forever expectation of heartbreak
Always guarding the open doors of your broken heart

Onashile Peace (tolarnee)

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Her crime was being a woman
Her crime was having integrity
Her crime was refusing to dine with devils
Her crime was having a mind of her own
And now she has been dealt a wicked blow
At the hands of societal injustice

They locked her in against her will
Locked her in with seven men
Her screams were their entertainment
Her protests were their pleasure
As they watched an excuse of a man amongst them
Beat her and batter her
Till she looked like she had been run over by a racing vehicle
Helpless and defenceless like a caged animal
She searched for a means of defence
A bottle
Which was snatched from her hands

The “great” leaders of a great institution
Watched as the only female in their midst
Was humiliated, degraded and dehumanized
Her clothes were torn
They prevented help from outside
As the battering prevailed
The great president said to persons that could help
“It is an executive meeting”
Executive meeting of women beaters and shameless cowards

Her degradation was not enough
They had to spread rumors and lies and fake propagandas
They taunted her and twisted the media to their favor
The victim became the accused
And the predator became the presumed prey
Newspapers, reports, BCs and anything they could find
All painted her as that violent and aggressive leader
That just felt like committing murder
And conveniently they forgot
How she was caged, beaten, humiliated and disgraced
All because she wanted to stand for what was right

Upon injustice!!
Upon grave injustice!!!
She has now been indefinitely suspended from school
No questions asked
And people will now sit and say
” Its a feminist thing”
“They are being sentimental”
When did seeking for justice become sentiment?
When did we all become blind to hard facts of an unfair system?
When did we allow ourselves accept beastly behavior as normal?
Why are we keeping mute in the face of this grave injustice?
Why don’t we say something?
Why don’t we do something?

Onashile Peace (tolarnee)

***This poem was written in response to the tragedy of the Vice President of the Student Union Goveenment OAU( a Nigerian University) being beaten and humiliated by members of the executive council and still being suspended by the university…

Because I am She


He raped me
But I get the blame
He assaulted me
Yet they say I talked back to him
He harassed me
And the conclusion is that my skirt was short
The hopeless cycles
The slut shaming
All because I am a woman

Mother says my husband is god
Father says he should have all my earnings
Society says my children must bear his name
Pastor says I must always submit to him
My boss sends me home on time so I cook for him
My career is meaningless
My feelings do not matter
I have a duty to that man that is god
All because I am a woman

Don’t tell me its custom!
Don’t tell me about society!
Don’t tell me its how it is!
I am a human being
And I matter!
I do not have to sacrifice my life
On the altar of marriage
My dreams do not have to die
Slavery need not be my new reality
All because I am a woman

So I will speak
And I will stand on my rights
I will have my freedom
I will not be quiet in the face of oppression
I would not let anyone make me cower!
All because I am a woman


5 Random Prompts

I know its been a long time. I had formerly decided to stop writing for awhile but writing is an addiction for me. So I gave myself five random prompts to write on:
*Deflated titiles
*Little perv
*Broken tiles
So here they are….











Yes! So there they are..Writing is a huge thrill for me and I really loved writing every piece…Enjoy!!!😘😘😘💜💜