Sewing Machine

Yeah yeah so the prompt for today is sewing machine and I came up with this…

It always feels bad to know that you are being used but you know what’s worse? Remaining in that used position, once you know get out and away from it. Such a person doesn’t deserve you at all, throw away the emotions and be strong because that strength is inside of you. And what’s more? You have God too!!!

Red Rose

I have been writing a series of short stories and poems on my Instagram page for some days now and it is to last for a month. They are basically random themes from the organizers of the monthly prompts. The picture above is from the prompt of today which is “the red rose”. It has been interesting so far, you could check the previous ones on my page @tolarnee

The red rose is simply about remaining connected to God because he is the vine and we are the branches, we are dead if we are disconnected; its simply a matter of time


So a friend of mine, Dara Ahmed and I decided to write a poem on this beautiful and soulful picture we saw and that’s what you are seeing above. I was to start it and she was to complete and I can’t believe how beautiful it turned out. I will definitely try to write more poems with people. Two poetry filled heads is actually better than one.


Through my eyes and through my mind (TEAM)

​Everyone sees, hears,imagines and thinks of a lot of stuffs everyday; myself included. However, I realized that most times I just tell someone or keep it to myself, I don’t really ever think of writing and describing in my words.

So I decided to start a series where I would be writing these stuffs I see, hear, imagine or that bothers me, in a fictional sense and that’s the idea behind through my eyes and through my mind.

It would mostly be short stories and sometimes maybe poetry. I would like to know what you guys think on the writings so please do well to follow and share with friends who just want a good gist or story or an off the rules and sincere fiction.
I would equally be posting excerpts and some other stuffs on my Social media accounts, you could also check things already posted. IG @tolarnee Facebook: Onashile Peace


Dem talk say I dey always vex

Dem say I no get life

Say I dey frustrated 

Shey my matter no reach to overpara 

I be first class graduate 

After seven years wey I no see work

Bros no wan die

I start to dey drive cabu

I just wan get small change survive

Naso I hear say I get pikin 

Which kind level

Of course no be me get am

I hear say police dey find me

Who dem help

I no fit die

I go use Oga money drink

I talk say I wan forget

Forget wetin

World pipu no gree make I forget 

Dem talk say soldiers come dey do vigil

Dey wait make I show for house 

Show fire

Dat one no dey enough 

I come enter one chance with Lagos police

Say I dey pass one way

I manage get small courage 

Put cabu for reverse 

Dey fly for road

You come dey talk say I dey para
Why I no go vex

Tell me why I no go para

You day use nose shout for Lagos traffic

Inside your air-conditioned mobile mansion 

Say make I no use my rickety yellow bus 

Jam your million dollar heavenly jeep

You think say I care

You tell me say I dey frustrated 

No be the truth be that

Just dey your acada lane

Make I no use forever frustration 

Prepare burial akara for una


          (c) Onashile Peace 

#pidginpoetry #tryingout #frustrationoflife


I miss my words

I miss the beauty of words

And its calming effect when it expresses exactly how you feel

The words are me

And I am the words

They search the deepest parts I am unaware of

Make sense of the muddled waters

And escape in startling clarity

I miss the descriptive words

Those wonder words

That are in constant inaudible conversations with my eyes

They pick up the bits and pieces

And come together in blissful conjugation

My eyes are amazed at how the words express what they made no sense of

The green in nature, the longing of the dogs, the love so unclear, the hurt in the eyes of another

I miss the expressive words

The words of my mind and feelings

That communicate deepest desires and craziest ideas

The words that are really me

The words that longs, that wants, that hurts, that wishes

The unseen words of my house of crazies

I miss the intellectual and professional words

Words from my most serious yearnings

They always come up with unexpected stuffs

Frightening and brilliant, they astound their owner

Arguments and wholesome persuasion is their art

I am afraid of them

They persuade me beyond the bounds of me

I miss all the words

I miss when they come together

And produce beautiful jargons

I miss when the wander aimlessly

In search of any kind of meaning

I miss trying to figure them out

Cos it seems like they are saying nothing at all

Even now, I have no idea what they are trying to say

I miss them nonetheless