Lone Ghost Fighter in the Battle of Injustice against Women in Africa


Lone Ghost Fighter

This is no fiction. It is what I feel like most times in my fight on the internet against the injustice meted out to women all the time.

Most times, the oppression of women, the traditional biases against women, the harmful practices women go through and the inequality they face are the things I often write about.

These things get to me personally because I feel all I have in my life is a privilege which many other women do not have basically for nothing else but their locality, location and gender.

I can talk about equality and oppression because I have been enlightened, I was allowed to have an education, to be free to find my passion but some girls of my age are married with several kids and were not even permitted to know what an education is about, their lives revolves around service to their husband and children.

And I am like are these women in these conditions because they always love it? No! some know nothing else! Their lives have been sacrificed on the altar of traditions and customs and marriage.

I think and I am sure the freedom I now enjoy were fought for by some women in the past that simply refused to just accept what the society told them was their lot.

However some people are very ignorant of this very fact and think the way they have freedom and choice and will is the same way other women have it all over the world, so they simply cannot understand why any woman would be giving ‘society’ as an ‘excuse’ for not being able to do well, to them that’s just plain lazy and lame.

But the truth which is bitter is that there are still some women even though enlightened that are still caged by traditional practices that would always suppress them and bear in mind that these are even enlightened women, not to talk of women that cannot utter a word in protest of whatever they are told the society requests or demand of them.

So sometimes in emphasizing or talking about these truths I am almost like a lone ghost fighter on the internet. Women and men alike attack me for wanting to change the status quo, they say I am going against family and tradition and the golden thread of the society, some tell me personally that I would have issues settling down to get married and that I have issues and on and on like that.

But for goodness sake, must we continue in a tradition and in a manner that allows a gender to continually remain weak and helpless while the other gender keeps developing, you hear of men controlling women and subjecting them to all kinds of abuses and the painful thing is that its all under the guise of society..Respect the man! He is the head! He is your god! He is always right! Don’t argue with him in public!

What nonsense! How would a man be brutalising you and you keep quiet and say that its how men are and you have to bear it all for the children. I mean why?
If we claim to be civilised particularly in Africa, let’s take all of civilisation and not some, you proud of your laptops and phones and yet your wife must not work, your girl child can’t go to school, you marry off your sister at age sixteen.

If anything has kept me going in this lone ghost fight, its gratitude. Gratitude about what I can do and some can’t, gratitude of freedom, of enlightenment, of choice. And it annoys me to know some have no access to these things simply because of their gender.

So I have resolved, regardless of what society would say, what even some women would say (like how one said I am one of the issues women are facing😂), I would stick up and stand for what I firmly believe, I might not be able to do much now to actually help but I will continue what I can do best. My pen would never stop writing about the injustice against women.

It won’t ever stop writing.

No it won’t.

Onashile Peace (tolarnee)


TEAM: Ridiculous Matters of The Heart (Amebo levels)

I really cannot laugh ooo. I only pity the painfully gullible girl. So I was walking back from work and minding my business with my over sized head set around my neck when I saw this peculiar looking couple. 

The girl looked no more than fifteen, she looked like those house girls you leave in the house all day long so much that they begin to deceive themselves about their true position in the house. The boy was another sorry story, one short smallish boy that looked like he just received incomplete training on how to make a girl feel like he is the man (you need to see that ill fitting bravado stance he was giving, touching his immature beards every ten seconds and trying unsuccessfully to cup the girl’s waist every other one minute)

Normally when I see a guy toasting or trying to toast a girl, instinctively I start shaking my head for the girl (in my mind o! before you start picturing one old sister shaking head like a lunatic on the road) but I couldn’t even shake my head, the whole thing looked so pathetic. Somehow I think I was in the amebo mood so I moved closer and started walking slowly, I was now looking serious like someone in very deep thought. 

Apparently, she was in that stage where both of them know that they are dating but she was still putting up some not making sense feeble efforts to fend him off. Okay so eventually I found out what the paparazzi was all about o, like I had guessed so correctly babe was the only one at home and bros wanted to come in, so aunty stayed like body guard trying to guard the small entrance with her tiny body while uncle kept persuading and cupping.

“They will soon come back now, shey you will come and be going”

“There is still time now, let me enter, bawo lo se n se bayii now” uncle was still trying to cup her waist while doing the oral braggadocios pleading

“Leave me alone jhor, me I want to enter o, Efon ge mi je now” aunty was saying and still twirling by the gate like Cinderella

I could not stop laughing till I got to my gate, before my dog starts thinking I had gone mad and start barking at me. Just imagine the nonsense baby drama! I felt nothing but disgust for the wicked boy I am certain will disappear from planet earth once he hears just the p in pregnant and I pitied the girl. Oga would probably send her away and she would give birth to another bastard child and start struggling with another human being at her tiny age. It was just unfortunate I could do nothing but laugh.