Why Can’t I Have An Abortion??!!!


“It is my body, I do not want the foreign body!!! Remove it!!”
“That foreign body is a human being! Removing it is killing it and the law does not permit it, so madam we cannot remove it”

The line of reasoning above basically pervades major arguments on abortion. So I was about to sleep when I started reminiscing about one of my favorite courses in the university; Philosophical Ethics and particularly about the lessons on abortion.

Topics like that made me come alive and I remember I was always arguing in every class( funny enough I almost failed the course, you could say….nonchalance or overconfidence)..Well, bottom line I decided to bring the arguments here and get people’s opinions and all.

Basically there are two sides to an abortion argument; the Pro-life and the Pro-choice.
The Pro-life argument is that abortion should not be permitted as it is tantamount to murder while Pro-choice is of the opinion that the pregnancy is part of the woman’s body and she has a right to decide what to do with it.

So I would be summarizing some of the arguments of both sides after which I would explain my issues with the whole abortion concept, from my perspective really.

Proponents of the pro-life argument believe that the foetus is a human and aborting that human is killing it which is the same as murder.
They equally believe that there is nothing like unwanted pregnancy as there are always people ready to adopt.
They are of the opinion that permitting abortion would result in abortion being a form of contraception, they also think being responsible for ones body is being responsible enough not to get pregnant.
Well and about rape victims they think there would always be medical aid to prevent pregnancy from occurring.
They justify their stance by stating that an unborn child has done no wrong so why kill it, the abortion eventually results into medical complications for the mother and most people that indulge in abortion are young women that do not really understand the repercussions of their action and so they often regret it.
There are a lot more arguments and standpoints but that’s just a few.

Now the Pro- choice proponents are of the opinion that abortion basically takes place in the first trimester and at that stage the foetus is not a child but a fertilized egg and if we use that often and discard too for in vitro fertilization then how can we call abortion murder.
They also believe the foetus is not a person but a part of the woman’s body which she has a right over.
They equally argue that abortion is mostly a safe medical procedure, and in the case of rape victims, forcing them to carry a resulting pregnancy is further psychological and emotional trauma.
They categorically state that it is not a form of contraception as some people who do want abortion actually took steps in preventing the pregnancy.
In their opinion, adoption is no alternative as most women do not actually want to give up the children for adoption once they have had them.

Again, there are more arguments but let me stop with this.


Now at this point, I have questions and standpoints and opinions and I will just be picking my issues randomly.

First, I am of the opinion, strongly that it should not be absolutely prohibited. Really, some people just do not want the children and in my view that’s their decision but I can try to understand if the state would not take that as a valid excuse but for heavens sake how about rape victims, persons incapable of taking care of the child or persons who are elderly and might have complications giving birth.

Recently I read of I think a ten or twelve year old girl that was pregnant and was not permitted to abort the pregnancy because of the laws of the state. I mean does that make sense?

Also recently, I read of a beggar, who can hardly sustain herself, she was raped, had HIV and she got pregnant. Would you believe she was equally not permitted to abort the baby? The state cannot be committed in taking care of the child and the woman can barely even take care of herself talk less of a child with HIV.
These in my view are the results of a rigid law on abortion. There should be liberal exceptions, if at all a state is to have laws prohibiting abortion.

Okay, so now let’s leave exceptions, let’s even delve into why there should or should not be prohibition of abortion. Really, is a foetus a human being? Is it a person with attachments and feelings and responsibilities? Would its death or abortion affect anyone other than the mother?

Should the convenience of the mother not be considered since she is the one that would house the child and eventually birth the child? What if the mother would have no means of raising the child and eventually the child dies of neglect or starvation?

Now, does preventing abortion legally really stop it from occurring? I mean abortion is illegal in many countries and it is still practiced in those countries. Don’t we think its the fact that abortion is illegal that makes people result into unsafe medical procedures of removing the pregnancy?

Regretting the aftermath of an abortion, should it or should it not be the personal decision of the mother? Does it mean she would also not regret having the child she did not want?

Let’s look at it from the perspective of responsibility, in the situation where a woman has done all her possible best to prevent herself from being pregnant should she still be made to go through with a pregnancy she obviously does not want if she eventually gets pregnant? If such a woman becomes an irresponsible mother won’t the same society blame her?

Should we permit women or even girls that are obviously not fit or ready in any form to take up the responsibility of motherhood to be mothers at all?

These are questions we must ask when making arguments or judgments on abortion. I know I have made my stance a bit clear but I deliberately just asked questions so we could try to answer them ourselves and justify our reasoning. I will always stand for choice and rights, we are all humans in a system where one should be permitted to decide on what he or she wants concerning his or her life.

I would definitely appreciate your comments, perspectives and opinions, I am always open to ideas and more knowledge and logical reasoning.


Finding Joy in the Midst of Your Mistakes


I have made a lotta sh*tty stupid mistakes
I look back and it hurts
Sometimes I try to think of the consequences
I am not even sure what they might be
Not sure that when they come visiting
I will be able to handle
In my moping and regrets I keep making more mistakes
They almost becoming habits
Then I realise
Ain’t nothing I can do about yesterday
Can’t keep anticipating consequences either
Why not even in the midst of mistakes
Live each moment without burdens
Psychological and emotional
Embrace the past
Deal with its fruits
When happiness comes, flow with it
The depression just let it be
Take one toe after the other
There is only so much I can do
Even if its just fulfilment for the moment
Its better than constant regrets
And the life of a walking dead
So live darling
Its not perfect yet
You don’t know it all
Just maybe,
This time I might take my own advice

Onashile Peace (tolarnee)

***So I woke up today thinking of the million and one things I have not done right with my life. In fact that happens often but then I had to keep reminding myself that there is nothing I can do about the past.

The truth is even though people say you can do much about your future, the best you can really do is plan, nothing is certain. So why let uncertainties and regrets prevent you from enjoying the moment?

Its so messed up to have regretful past, uncertain future and a worry-filled today. I know it’s easier said than done to just focus on making the best of the present without bothering about yesterday or tomorrow but you can try.

You can try like I am trying to do now, my writing right now is about making the best of the present so do same and try to find the joy in whatever you are doing and focus on it.

I hope y’all have a beautiful day filled with joy and less worry….much love😘😘

**Image source..https://www.instagram.com/blackandwhite_art/

A Forever Cycle of Expected Heartbreaks


The cycle of heartbreak is one you are used to
You know the beginning, the middle and end
At first
You lived for the beginning
The beautiful romance
Soul deep connections
And promising forevers
But now you can’t wait to get to the end
You know it’s getting there
When they get to that point
They always do
No one is different
So you wait patiently for them
And when they do
You seize it and never let it go
The heart break point
It’s over and its on to the next one
But he
He is touching the tendrils of the point
Yet not quite reaching there
Not giving enough for you to hold as his crime
He is playing a game you don’t understand
Leaving you guessing and elongating the expected heart break
Then you get angry
Gradually and steadily the anger grows
And finally the anger becomes your excuse
It becomes the abnormal point
Bingo! Its the end
The cycle would always find a way
To complete itself
Just because you want it to
You have grown used to the cycle
Love would never be enough
To break your hopeless romance
With a forever expectation of heartbreak
Always guarding the open doors of your broken heart

Onashile Peace (tolarnee)

Image source.. https://www.instagram.com/zonum12/