Left For Dead (Racism Cries)


Hey Bandar! Hey Habshi, Hey Monkey!
Yes black monkey!!!
I have gotten used to the names
They do not see me as a human
But as something of the class of lower animals
An animal that can talk
And hear their racist insults
I walk with my head lowered
Even amongst little Indian children
Yet I still see them point little fingers
And run ahead just to turn and stare
To see what a black monkey looks like
But all these was nothing compared to when he died
That Indian boy they claimed black people ate
Suddenly I was a cannibalistic black monkey
And I deserved to die too
They were protesting
And I became the unlucky specimen
That was the outlet for their anger and hatred
No one hearkened to my cries
They were blinded in their rage
Their rage for the black symbol
And everything it signified
Left for dead I questioned my humanity
And wondered if being an animal wouldn’t have been better

P.s. This is for everyone that had to suffer because of racism