Diary of a Teenage Prostitute 3


Dear Diary,

I am trembling so much right now even as I write. Deji, my pimp has done his worse, he has shown me that humanity is dead.

Remember I told you some days back that he said he had a surprise, well I got the surprise and my heart is in pieces right now. I don’t even know if I can do what I am to do.

Deji came at his usual time around 8.00 pm, did that stupid code knocking of feebly hitting the door thrice and of course I opened.

He came in with a mischievous smile and a little girl, she looked no more than fifteen. The girl looked like she had been crying and looked very dirty too.

“Who is she” I asked Deji

“Your new roomie and slut partner” He replied still grinning like a fool

I couldn’t comprehend at all, the girl regardless of her full breasts and heavy backside was obviously a child growing too fast, so how could she be my partner

I asked Deji to explain what partner he was talking about. He practically slapped me blind and kept on screaming about how he would cut down my wings and how dumb could I be to ask such a question.

I was shivering, the girl was crying, so I was right. He had brought the girl to also work the streets, I mean how could he? She was looking so innocent and naive, I couldn’t even be sure she had ever touched a man and now she would be working the streets.

He said he will be expecting one thousand naira from her every time he comes and if she fails to deliver he with collect it from me.

I nodded faintly as he laughed soullessly and left the room, banging the door and making the girl jump in fright.

She crouched in a corner looking so scared and my heart went out to her. I went to sit quietly beside her as I allowed her cry in my arms. Between soul racking sobs she told me her story and I wept till I slept and I am still weeping now. What in the world can be her offence? Really what?

Tears are beginning to flow freely and wet the book, I will talk later…

Love Caroline

**This is the third in the series of the diary of a teenage prostitute, I hope you get to see the humanity in prostitutes as you continue this journey with me….its fiction….much love😘😘


Hope In Love And Nature


Hey everyone, so I am really excited today as it is the last day of the prompts I have been writing on Instagram @tolarnee. I mean I have been writing it for 30 days and it has been so much fun and interesting too. I got to meet some amazing writers and poets and stretched myself too.
Anyways today’s prompt is about hope in love of a pessimistic person and also the beauty of nature, I do hope you enjoy😘😘😘

Through my eyes and through my mind (TEAM)

​Everyone sees, hears,imagines and thinks of a lot of stuffs everyday; myself included. However, I realized that most times I just tell someone or keep it to myself, I don’t really ever think of writing and describing in my words.

So I decided to start a series where I would be writing these stuffs I see, hear, imagine or that bothers me, in a fictional sense and that’s the idea behind through my eyes and through my mind.

It would mostly be short stories and sometimes maybe poetry. I would like to know what you guys think on the writings so please do well to follow and share with friends who just want a good gist or story or an off the rules and sincere fiction.
I would equally be posting excerpts and some other stuffs on my Social media accounts, you could also check things already posted. IG @tolarnee Facebook: Onashile Peace

My friend, my love, my friend

Maybe it would be tonight
The night I would finally get the courage to do what everyone seems to term a taboo. I do not care what anyone calls it, I just know the creator gave me a mouth for a reason. And don’t forget the cute lips too.

Maybe tonight is the night I would free my heart from its misery and get to stop playing stupid games because I do not want to appear cheap.

I do not care if he doesn’t talk to me again or if he gives me a distance wider than what I give cooking meals, I would just be glad that the burden is no longer on my tiny shoulders.

I am in love with my best friend. Offense number one. I am going to tell him. Offense number two plus I have no class its so cheap to tell a guy FIRST that you love him. Blah blah blah….My life, my heart, my mouth, my dignity, I can’t seem to see how any of those would be anyone’s headache.

I looked at my very curvy self in the mirror and assured myself that he would be dumb not to see me as more than a friend tonight. I was practically walking on the moon imagining how romantic our story would be; he was my best friend and now he is my husband. Oh my wedding gown and the royal frills, I was grinning stupidly.

I saw him sitting at our spot and I purposely took slow and seductive steps till I got to where he was sitting looking innocently handsome. I loved the impression I was making.

“Are you going to meet someone tonight?”

“Well yes and I am meeting the person already”

“You really look smashing”

“Thanks dearie, so what’s up?”

” My girlfriend said I need to stop seeing you”

“I thought you guys broke up”

“We got back together today”