SLAVE QUEEN – The Agony of an enslaved woman (poem by a concerned sixteen year old)


Days, months and years

The times flying like the wind

And I became the woman I wanted to be

A full grown princess in my father’s house

Mother talked about a man

She said I will be a Queen in his house

I agreed soon enough and my problems agreed sooner

My parents were no longer allowed to see me

The neighbors heard sounds of talking drums from my body

I couldn’t leave the house

I was an unseen slave

I bled and cried daily

For this wasn’t the life I hoped for

After conceiving a football team

I’m pregnant again, pregnant with pains

Like an injured zebra

I am filled with stripes of beating everywhere

I’m just thirty but I am an old slave

My parents unknowingly sold me off into slavery

Never to gain independence

From the hands of a maniacal King

Queen? I am a slave Queen

Drenched in regrets and pain and tears

Always regretting

That I was ever born a woman

Onashile Blessing Joy (OBJ)

*** So I am super excited right now! My junior sister who is just sixteen wrote this poem and I just couldn’t stop gushing over it. well i did a little bit of editing but it was entirely her idea, her works and mostly words too.

I am glad that her eyes are open to the issues women face and that she can connect to them and make a case for them. However, she is not going to be a lawyer like me, my baby is in love with medicine and humanitarian care.


Diary of a Teenage Prostitute 3


Dear Diary,

I am trembling so much right now even as I write. Deji, my pimp has done his worse, he has shown me that humanity is dead.

Remember I told you some days back that he said he had a surprise, well I got the surprise and my heart is in pieces right now. I don’t even know if I can do what I am to do.

Deji came at his usual time around 8.00 pm, did that stupid code knocking of feebly hitting the door thrice and of course I opened.

He came in with a mischievous smile and a little girl, she looked no more than fifteen. The girl looked like she had been crying and looked very dirty too.

“Who is she” I asked Deji

“Your new roomie and slut partner” He replied still grinning like a fool

I couldn’t comprehend at all, the girl regardless of her full breasts and heavy backside was obviously a child growing too fast, so how could she be my partner

I asked Deji to explain what partner he was talking about. He practically slapped me blind and kept on screaming about how he would cut down my wings and how dumb could I be to ask such a question.

I was shivering, the girl was crying, so I was right. He had brought the girl to also work the streets, I mean how could he? She was looking so innocent and naive, I couldn’t even be sure she had ever touched a man and now she would be working the streets.

He said he will be expecting one thousand naira from her every time he comes and if she fails to deliver he with collect it from me.

I nodded faintly as he laughed soullessly and left the room, banging the door and making the girl jump in fright.

She crouched in a corner looking so scared and my heart went out to her. I went to sit quietly beside her as I allowed her cry in my arms. Between soul racking sobs she told me her story and I wept till I slept and I am still weeping now. What in the world can be her offence? Really what?

Tears are beginning to flow freely and wet the book, I will talk later…

Love Caroline

**This is the third in the series of the diary of a teenage prostitute, I hope you get to see the humanity in prostitutes as you continue this journey with me….its fiction….much love😘😘

Party Adventure

Today was the most embarrassing day of my life.

My crush asked me to go with him for a night party; I had never been to a night party in my life but I have also never been asked by my crush.

I looked into his light brown eyes and at his spotless fair skin and I found myself nodding ever so coyly.

He picked me in his white 2016 Toyota Camry in front of my hostel and sped to the night party like someone who was high and would never come down.

Anyways, we got down and I was feeling like a slay queen with my  hot shorts.
Then it all ended; my crush offered me alcohol, I knew I had never tasted it before or anything but you needed to see me nodding vigorously like I had been expecting it all night.

One gulp, two, three and I kept going until I felt like I needed the mercy of the toilet but I was hardly coherent and could not communicate my needs at all. Suddenly my bladder was tired of my stupidity and down the yellow liquid came pouring on my sweet crush, that just wasn’t enough, I had to decorate his fair skin with some watery plus food filled goo from my gullet.

You needn’t ask how my first party adventure ended, it was over faster than it started.


***fiction guys😂😂…much love😍😍

Finding Anie in the Thunderstorm


The day I found my daughter, hell kissed the earth in the form of rain.

I could swear the entire neighbourhood would be flooded again as I waited at the bus stop for a bus that would take me for my night shift as a security guard in the state hospital.

The poor excuse for a bus stand failed to shield me from the fury of the rain, even the ceaseless thunderbolts looked like they were trying desperately not to miss killing me that night. I was soaked, dirty and just frustrated.

I looked at my watch out of habit and in exasperation, it was 10.30pm and my shift was supposed to have started by 10pm. I could only imagine the coldness that would greet me from my partner; his wife is suffering from something worst than paranoia and coming back late would definitely not aid his peaceful sleep tonight.

Just when I was about giving up on the disappointing buses to start the 30 minutes trek to the waiting coldness, a vehicle sped past me, splashing rain water and mud on my already dirty self. I was too tired to even raise my voice so I just started the terrible job of wiping the mud from my trousers when the vehicle sped away again splashing more mud, this time on my bent back.

I was truly angry this time but could only scream at the rain and scurrying rats from the dumpster nearby where the car stopped for few seconds before it continued its devilish race. I didn’t bother trying to clean up myself, I just started the lonely reluctant march to my duty post.

I had hardly gone few steps away from the bus stand when I clearly heard the piercing cry of a baby. I stopped dead in my tracks wondering where the cry was coming from as there was no human at all in sight talk less of with a baby.

Gradually, I realised it was coming from the dumpster and it hit me hard immediately that it was what the reckless car had come to do; dump a baby. I moved closer as I trembled with cold and fear and a thousand questions racing through my mind. What would I do with the child? Where do I take the baby? Do I report it? It just never occurred to me to leave the baby there. Never.

The baby looked so beautiful, so tiny and so wet. Instinctively I carried her close to my chest and rocked her till she was quiet. My shift was soon forgotten, the rain and hating thunderbolts were locked somewhere in my subconscious, all I cared about was shielding this tiny sunshine from a very cruel world.

Carefully I walked through the muddy streets back to my tiny shack at the end of the road, sending a prayer up to the rain and thunder for bringing a little sunshine to my sad and lonely life

***I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it…I wrote it for a contest on (by the way if you are on steemit kindly follow @tolarnee and with your upvotes😂😂) …much love😘😘

Diary of a Teenage Prostitute 2


Dear Diary,

I met a kind customer yesterday night and he made me cry.

I strolled casually to the Allen Avenue bus stop in Lagos where I usually waited for customers. I didn’t feel like being too revealing as I was really cold, so I settled for a tight thick gown, that covered everything yet pronounced everything.
The cute black gown emphasized my heavy breasts that makes you doubt that I was actually eighteen and the God given curves accentuated by the full backside can give an impotent man an erection( lool).

Anyways, I wasn’t in the mood to hustle for customers, so I stayed away from the other girls and stood on my own, thinking about the beautiful things of life that could make me forget my sad reality.

I heard a horn.

The man looked really young and also smelled like money but he also didn’t look like the kind of guy that doesn’t have multitude of ladies dying to have him for free….Well wetin concern me? I entered excitedly and went on with the chatter I now knew by heart

Those stupid chatters about how I would make him feel like a man. He didn’t seem so interested but I didn’t care.

Then he started his own gentle chatter, he asked about school and why I was on the streets, he said I sounded smart and he could take me off the streets.

I looked at him and knew he most likely meant it but all I remembered was my welcome package into the streets, beautifully prepared for me by my pimp Deji.

Deji took me in after my parents died and gradually had me turning tricks ( trust me, that’s a story for another day), well my welcome package was the middle finger of a girl that had tried to run away, he found her, brought her back and then cut off her fingers. I had also heard girls disappearing after trying to make a report.

Life was bitter for me but I had the hope that it can only change if I remained alive, so bottom line, I wanted to live.

I told my kind customer that I was grateful but I couldn’t go with him, I asked to come down and he gave me five thousand naira. At least, I have money to pay Deji today.

I am so tired. I also have a private party to attend in the afternoon..So talk to you later..

Love Caroline

This is the second in the series of my mini diary of a teenage well to check the previous one and don’t forget to comment and tell me what you think …Much love😘😘

Diary of a Teenage Prostitute 1


Dear diary,
My pimp was here today. He pays for my room in this dump so he practically owns me. It might be a dump but its better than sleeping in cartons by the dark alleys.

He said he missed me.

I cannot be fooled, He just needs his money unless I push him to demand for something else like I innocently did the first time he said he missed me.

I had just recently turned tricks after my parents died in a car accident and I practically had no one else, we were dirt poor so we had nothing.

My pimp came by to see me and said he missed me, I stupidly thought he truly did and I told him I missed him too.

He smiled devilishly, I can never forget.

He tied me to the bedposts and banged me like an animal, he had a very big tool in between his legs, he tore my ass open and all my screams for help did was to turn him on more.

I was stitched up that night by a quack excuse for a doctor friend of his, I could barely walk for days.

So now whenever he says he missed me, I just hand him over the money I have made and I make sure that money is up to three thousand naira, if not he picks me up and smacks my face severally with his big hands till I nearly pass out.

I gave him the money today as usual but he said he had a surprise for me. He said I should anticipate my surprise the next day.

I feel so nervous because Deji never has any good surprises, I just hoped it wasn’t going to take my life but really is life really worth it at this point?
I have to go and prepare for tonight, will talk to you later..

Love Caroline

**** This is fiction and I am writing this to show the humanity in prostitutes…. They are human beings too!!
Much love😘😘

Diary of a Teenage Prostitute (Introduction)


Hi there,
I am a bit excited about starting a mini Diary series on a teenage prostitute..A bit because I really do not know how its going to turn out and if I would finish it and all, I seem to always be moving faster than my head.
Anyways, I am basically trying to depict prostitutes as human beings and not objects, show that they have a life and maybe provide an insight into what life is for them..
Well the teenage girl is Caroline (of course a figment of my imagination) and she is just eighteen, well her diary will try to tell the story as best as it can.
So…ermmm just keep reading…much love😘😘