Now that I have decided to do this, I don’t know where to start from and I also a feel tiny bit nervous. Well, that’s kind of to be expected or not. Whatever!

I will be turning 21 in a few weeks’ time and I know it might not be a big deal for some people because they passed that stage some seven years, two years, I don’t know how many years ago. Well, the age is really not the big deal but what it represents to me personally.

I remember some four years back, a senior colleague of mine was going to be 21 and he started this appreciation series about everything that made up 21 for him and I remember saying to myself that when I turned 21 I was going to celebrate, be happy and hundred shades of grateful.

Unfortunately, last year struck; I really don’t want to be ungrateful but last year was sort of really bad for me, it hit me at my lowest and it hit me really, really bad. So in the midst of it I just kept wondering how I could ever celebrate 21 with as much gusto and joy and happiness as I planned. I was very depressed and nothing made me so happy, I basically put up a lot of happy and smiling appearances everywhere but I was far from happy.

It was in that down state I found writing, I still keep saying that is the best thing that ever happened to me. Funny though, I had been writing since I was a kid, I remember I gave out a novel to be published when I was 12 or 13, now that I look back at it I wonder what I wrote there. Point is, I had always been writing but I think maybe because of the state I was in last year it became dearer to me. No, it became everything to me.

Then came the turning point. It was towards the end of the year and everything changed. I found a friend who helped me through the darkness, he was and still is an angel, a very beautiful soul that I love dearly. I keep saying God used him to crawl my way out of the depths of despair. And all of a sudden 21 didn’t seem so bad anymore.

So I made up my mind to celebrate with my writing. I decided to write an anthology, not necessarily just on my life but on everything that has made my life, lessons learnt, experiences gained, mine and that of others, stories I hold dearly and the extremes of my mind. I decided that I will care for little or no rules of poetry or fiction or writing, I will write as me and exactly what I want to write. Basically I decided to pour out the depths of my soul into the anthology, hold back no emotions and care little as I have always done about what anyone would think of me. I called this soul pouring “PHOENIX T21”.

Well, I am still in the process of writing it, every piece is very dear to me and honestly I am not really certain when it will be finished but I know it will be definitely some weeks after my birthday. Ohh the birthday is February 8. I pick it up when I am less busy or when I really feeling inspired. It is so dear to me and this is why I have to write it now and at this time. I think I have gotten far sort of but anyways its still moving.

Definitely, I will be sharing excerpts here when I can and other times I might just write my normal stories but whichever way I can’t wait for everyone to see the complete book.

Thank you everyone for encouraging me and pushing me in this journey and making me feel like some sort of bad ass writer. Lol.

Kindly stay with me till the end and much loveeeee

(c)Onashile Peace (tolarnee)

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Party Adventure

Today was the most embarrassing day of my life.

My crush asked me to go with him for a night party; I had never been to a night party in my life but I have also never been asked by my crush.

I looked into his light brown eyes and at his spotless fair skin and I found myself nodding ever so coyly.

He picked me in his white 2016 Toyota Camry in front of my hostel and sped to the night party like someone who was high and would never come down.

Anyways, we got down and I was feeling like a slay queen with my  hot shorts.
Then it all ended; my crush offered me alcohol, I knew I had never tasted it before or anything but you needed to see me nodding vigorously like I had been expecting it all night.

One gulp, two, three and I kept going until I felt like I needed the mercy of the toilet but I was hardly coherent and could not communicate my needs at all. Suddenly my bladder was tired of my stupidity and down the yellow liquid came pouring on my sweet crush, that just wasn’t enough, I had to decorate his fair skin with some watery plus food filled goo from my gullet.

You needn’t ask how my first party adventure ended, it was over faster than it started.


***fiction guys😂😂…much love😍😍

Finding Anie in the Thunderstorm


The day I found my daughter, hell kissed the earth in the form of rain.

I could swear the entire neighbourhood would be flooded again as I waited at the bus stop for a bus that would take me for my night shift as a security guard in the state hospital.

The poor excuse for a bus stand failed to shield me from the fury of the rain, even the ceaseless thunderbolts looked like they were trying desperately not to miss killing me that night. I was soaked, dirty and just frustrated.

I looked at my watch out of habit and in exasperation, it was 10.30pm and my shift was supposed to have started by 10pm. I could only imagine the coldness that would greet me from my partner; his wife is suffering from something worst than paranoia and coming back late would definitely not aid his peaceful sleep tonight.

Just when I was about giving up on the disappointing buses to start the 30 minutes trek to the waiting coldness, a vehicle sped past me, splashing rain water and mud on my already dirty self. I was too tired to even raise my voice so I just started the terrible job of wiping the mud from my trousers when the vehicle sped away again splashing more mud, this time on my bent back.

I was truly angry this time but could only scream at the rain and scurrying rats from the dumpster nearby where the car stopped for few seconds before it continued its devilish race. I didn’t bother trying to clean up myself, I just started the lonely reluctant march to my duty post.

I had hardly gone few steps away from the bus stand when I clearly heard the piercing cry of a baby. I stopped dead in my tracks wondering where the cry was coming from as there was no human at all in sight talk less of with a baby.

Gradually, I realised it was coming from the dumpster and it hit me hard immediately that it was what the reckless car had come to do; dump a baby. I moved closer as I trembled with cold and fear and a thousand questions racing through my mind. What would I do with the child? Where do I take the baby? Do I report it? It just never occurred to me to leave the baby there. Never.

The baby looked so beautiful, so tiny and so wet. Instinctively I carried her close to my chest and rocked her till she was quiet. My shift was soon forgotten, the rain and hating thunderbolts were locked somewhere in my subconscious, all I cared about was shielding this tiny sunshine from a very cruel world.

Carefully I walked through the muddy streets back to my tiny shack at the end of the road, sending a prayer up to the rain and thunder for bringing a little sunshine to my sad and lonely life

***I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it…I wrote it for a contest on (by the way if you are on steemit kindly follow @tolarnee and with your upvotes😂😂) …much love😘😘

Because I am She


He raped me
But I get the blame
He assaulted me
Yet they say I talked back to him
He harassed me
And the conclusion is that my skirt was short
The hopeless cycles
The slut shaming
All because I am a woman

Mother says my husband is god
Father says he should have all my earnings
Society says my children must bear his name
Pastor says I must always submit to him
My boss sends me home on time so I cook for him
My career is meaningless
My feelings do not matter
I have a duty to that man that is god
All because I am a woman

Don’t tell me its custom!
Don’t tell me about society!
Don’t tell me its how it is!
I am a human being
And I matter!
I do not have to sacrifice my life
On the altar of marriage
My dreams do not have to die
Slavery need not be my new reality
All because I am a woman

So I will speak
And I will stand on my rights
I will have my freedom
I will not be quiet in the face of oppression
I would not let anyone make me cower!
All because I am a woman


Hope In Love And Nature


Hey everyone, so I am really excited today as it is the last day of the prompts I have been writing on Instagram @tolarnee. I mean I have been writing it for 30 days and it has been so much fun and interesting too. I got to meet some amazing writers and poets and stretched myself too.
Anyways today’s prompt is about hope in love of a pessimistic person and also the beauty of nature, I do hope you enjoy😘😘😘

Red Rose

I have been writing a series of short stories and poems on my Instagram page for some days now and it is to last for a month. They are basically random themes from the organizers of the monthly prompts. The picture above is from the prompt of today which is “the red rose”. It has been interesting so far, you could check the previous ones on my page @tolarnee

The red rose is simply about remaining connected to God because he is the vine and we are the branches, we are dead if we are disconnected; its simply a matter of time

Through my eyes and through my mind (TEAM)

​Everyone sees, hears,imagines and thinks of a lot of stuffs everyday; myself included. However, I realized that most times I just tell someone or keep it to myself, I don’t really ever think of writing and describing in my words.

So I decided to start a series where I would be writing these stuffs I see, hear, imagine or that bothers me, in a fictional sense and that’s the idea behind through my eyes and through my mind.

It would mostly be short stories and sometimes maybe poetry. I would like to know what you guys think on the writings so please do well to follow and share with friends who just want a good gist or story or an off the rules and sincere fiction.
I would equally be posting excerpts and some other stuffs on my Social media accounts, you could also check things already posted. IG @tolarnee Facebook: Onashile Peace