Dark and Lonely


Why won’t you let me in?
Why do you keep shutting me out?
It’s cold and dark and lonely out here without you!
I thought I could just walk away,
Just pretend you didn’t mean anything
Bury myself in a world of deception
And still be fine
But the cold out here is piercing
I didn’t realise the wall of protection I had
Was all cause of the love you surrounded me with
I took you for granted
I felt there were millions out there
And I will find another you in no time
Its day fifty, Bella
None could even come close
The beauty of your soul is ethereal
Your love is from a world beyond
I messed up Bella!
I know I did!
But don’t lock me out!
I need to live again
I need to feel pure passion coursing through my veins again
I need to feel zeal and hope and fire
And the million things you make me feel everyday
I am tired, Bella
Its dark and its cold and its lonely out here
Open up Bella
Please open

Onashile Peace (tolarnee)


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