A Forever Cycle of Expected Heartbreaks


The cycle of heartbreak is one you are used to
You know the beginning, the middle and end
At first
You lived for the beginning
The beautiful romance
Soul deep connections
And promising forevers
But now you can’t wait to get to the end
You know it’s getting there
When they get to that point
They always do
No one is different
So you wait patiently for them
And when they do
You seize it and never let it go
The heart break point
It’s over and its on to the next one
But he
He is touching the tendrils of the point
Yet not quite reaching there
Not giving enough for you to hold as his crime
He is playing a game you don’t understand
Leaving you guessing and elongating the expected heart break
Then you get angry
Gradually and steadily the anger grows
And finally the anger becomes your excuse
It becomes the abnormal point
Bingo! Its the end
The cycle would always find a way
To complete itself
Just because you want it to
You have grown used to the cycle
Love would never be enough
To break your hopeless romance
With a forever expectation of heartbreak
Always guarding the open doors of your broken heart

Onashile Peace (tolarnee)

Image source.. https://www.instagram.com/zonum12/


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