I was always the odd child. In a family of very brilliant scientist, experts and world changers being average was not unacceptable, it was a curse and it was my curse. My father learnt to realise that I was very dumb and didn’t bother me with the intelligent questions, He simply asked about my day and I would always reply that it was fine.
No, it was never fine, I was always the butt of jokes in school for being the odd one, not just because I was really dull in comparison to my other siblings ( funny, I was more intelligent than most people that made fun of me) I also had a very ugly birth mark that made half of my face look like it was once part of a fire accident.
Basically I was an outcast everywhere so I learnt to protect myself, to be invisible, I didn’t have friends and I was the first back home immediately after school, just locked in my room till I hear the horn for the school bus the next morning (Mother had learnt to leave my food at my doorstep).
Things were very much the same all through my growing up till I entered the university, by then I had already accepted that I was this very ugly and dumb shy girl no one would ever want anything to do with. I was contented in my small space and world until Kelvin showed up.
Kelvin was the last of the last set of humans I imagined would notice me, talk less of talk to me or even show any form of interest in me. He did and it was the biggest miracle of my life, until it was not.


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