Kelvin was everything to me, eventually he became my very breath, the centre of my existence. He made me feel beautiful, like there was no other person he would rather be with. Anytime I complained about my scar, he would cup my face so softly and trace the scar like it was a rare piece of treasure he had found, he got into the habit of placing light feathery kisses on my face that I fell in love with the scar and gained so much confidence about my appearance. Everything that came out of my mouth was always smart to him, he sought for my opinion on anything he did and he will never forget to exclaim “How did I get to meet such intelligent beauty?!!”
He took me everywhere with him, arm in arm all around campus, he was always showing me off; “Have you met the intelligent woman that owns my heart?” I was never comfortable with it but to see him show me off so proudly meant the world to me, eventually I would give a customary shy smile and keep mute. Often times the friends never gave me a second glance but I was not bothered, I had Kelvin and that was all that mattered.
Not being the most attractive of ladies with my flat behind and almost ironed nipples I think I call breasts, I was able to be firm on not having sex; I really didn’t have a choice but I knew I didn’t want to have sex till I was married.
This was the beginning of the end of my fantasy like love story.
Kelvin asked me in the nicest of ways to have sex with him and I said no. He practically went down on one knee, I thought he wanted to ask me to marry him and I was so lost and scared, I couldn’t imagine how I would have responded.
“Dunni would you allow me to make sweet and passionate love to you” In that moment I would have preferred a marriage proposal because I was totally off balance and speechless. He stood and drew me to himself, placing my small head on his very broad chest, before I could rationalize anything, his hands were travelling south, north and east almost simultaneously, the myriad of overwhelming emotions that hit me at the same time made me react violently and that was when I knew there is a beast in a man that he shields until you come to close.
The beast in Kelvin came alive….and it drew me closer…


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