Incongruous Crack


So I was looking forward to my next joint poetry and this is it finally!!! A very talented friend of mine Aniekan Akam wrote this and I added some few lines, though he won’t want me saying that but the truth is he is just really good. And I enjoyed writing this with him, the rhymes and all.
Its basically a poem about a guy that sincerely wants to love his hurting friend but needs to heal so he doesn’t end up hurting her some more. I really connected with it.

Here is the entire poem as it is in the picture:

Incongruous Crack

I stare at her eyes and conjure fantasies
But all those love stories are fallacies

I want to feel and not want to feel
But feel I must out of one of the feels

I want to love and cater for her hurt
But I’m yet to recover from my burns

She yearns to be happy, free and unbothered
I wish I could be her relief undercover

She’s optimistic love will come her way
I wish I could be that character and star in her play

Be her make believe prince
Sweeping her off her feet with a potent kiss

Be the cure to her ailment
The permanent solution to her predicament

Replace that frown with a smile
Make each step worth her while

Dry up her river banks down to the source
The reason she glows, I wanna be the cause

Make her loneliness a past tense
Be much closer to her than her best friends

Be the glue that holds her broken heart together
The drug that makes her feel better

Put her joy on replay
And her smile over and over again

Fuel her passion to love
Be the Almighty formula to every of her equation unsolved

Blot out her past from seeing daylight
Be the stars that light up her dark night

But I’m not courageous enough
To mend a broken soul while broken is tough

I’m emotionally bankrupt
To handle with care, a heart so fragile and soft

I’m not qualified enough to meet her requirements
Even to add flavour to taste, I’m not the right condiment

She needs something greater
And I might just be too mediocre

I want to love her and help her heal
But my own broken heart and pessimistic soul I first must heal

Aniekan Akam
Onashile Peace

Photo Credit: IG @54artistry


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