Dem talk say I dey always vex

Dem say I no get life

Say I dey frustrated 

Shey my matter no reach to overpara 

I be first class graduate 

After seven years wey I no see work

Bros no wan die

I start to dey drive cabu

I just wan get small change survive

Naso I hear say I get pikin 

Which kind level

Of course no be me get am

I hear say police dey find me

Who dem help

I no fit die

I go use Oga money drink

I talk say I wan forget

Forget wetin

World pipu no gree make I forget 

Dem talk say soldiers come dey do vigil

Dey wait make I show for house 

Show fire

Dat one no dey enough 

I come enter one chance with Lagos police

Say I dey pass one way

I manage get small courage 

Put cabu for reverse 

Dey fly for road

You come dey talk say I dey para
Why I no go vex

Tell me why I no go para

You day use nose shout for Lagos traffic

Inside your air-conditioned mobile mansion 

Say make I no use my rickety yellow bus 

Jam your million dollar heavenly jeep

You think say I care

You tell me say I dey frustrated 

No be the truth be that

Just dey your acada lane

Make I no use forever frustration 

Prepare burial akara for una


          (c) Onashile Peace 

#pidginpoetry #tryingout #frustrationoflife


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