So a friend of mine, Dara Ahmed and I decided to write a poem on this beautiful and soulful picture we saw and that’s what you are seeing above. I was to start it and she was to complete and I can’t believe how beautiful it turned out. I will definitely try to write more poems with people. Two poetry filled heads is actually better than one.



4 thoughts on “Her

  1. The poem on your beautiful and soulful picture reflects what I am going through right now. I loved someone to the point that I did not take advantage of a shove between the legs. Gave up that opportunity because she meant the world to me. Told me we would make it together and now she let go of our relationship. We are best friends and she wants to stay that way. She can do that but I will always love her more than a friend.

      1. Hey. Did not expect a reply . Thank you. Our situations are complicated because we belong to other people. Been in love with her for 15 years. Last year I wanted to end my life and her face was the last thing I saw before I decided to change my mind. I know I am wrong to want her but my heart has a mind of its own. What hurts is that she convinced me that we could make a go of it . I was concinced that I was worth it and I opened my heart to the possibility of an us. I threw logic out of the door and opened my heart . She promised not to let me go ( in that way) so I threw my heart into it . Suddenly she changed her mind and now I am left with the most excruciating pain in my heart. We are good friends so she cannot bear to see the pain in me . I am contemplating just breaking all contact but I love her so much. Wow. This was a long response. Did not mean to burden you with my stupid feelings .

  2. First the feelings are not stupid and I really understand how that could feel, when you want to do something else but your feelings are having a mind of their own. Truth is we are human beings and stuff happens but somehow we have to find the strength to move on and forward. I know so much that its not easy but bear in mind you have to consider what’s good for you. If breaking contact is what would help you heal then you need it.

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