The clash seemed ethereal 
What seemed like a minor scuffle 

Metamorphosed into a battlefield 

Steel on flesh

The slashing felt endless

Tit for tat

It ended in rivers of blood

I walk like in a daze

Stepping on a misplaced finger

Or sometimes an unidentifiable brain tissue 

I do not understand the madness 

I was taught we are all humans

I was taught that human life is sacred

Where is the sacredness of the blood?

All they care about is tribe

I am tired

I load the injured to the gurneys

I wrap the dead in plain white clothes

In tens and now hundreds 

Would it all end?

They seem blind and deaf

To the injuries and dying cries of their own kinsmen

Nothing makes sense anymore

My senses are dead with the sight and smell of death

I am going home

I see rivulets of blood on the street

As I travel the long way home

I do not stop

Its not like I do not care

But I have done enough 


                            Onashile Peace


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