Rivulets of blood
Steel on warm and cold flesh

Penetrated private skin

And the young with weapons of slow destruction

Beheaded religious faithfuls

Tyrannical enslavement of the “weak” gender

Religious justification of mass murders

And the suicides in holy disguise
A beautiful single human race

Divided into a hundred different lines

That justifies hatred and discrimination

Even on the highest planes of power

A rich but starving nation

The masses hunger and the leaders’ greed
The people steal to feed their young and are killed

The leaders embezzle to multiply their personal empires and are celebrated

A father in his two months old daughter

A teenage girl and the gang of pervert murderers

A mother turned to a human punching bag and certified slave

And her daughter sold into marriage slavery to the pot bellied Chief

The world of today is disheartening

The world sometimes seems hopeless

In the end its every man for himself

And God for every man
                     Onashile Peace


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