Sometimes you know I really wonder why some people think the whole essence of life is to find a beautiful lady, a wonderful man, get married, have a couple of kids and wow! A life well spent!

Now please don’t get me wrong at all, marriage is a beautiful thing and the determinant of so many other things. You ought to think about it and plan for it. Its important.

You may want to ask; so what exactly is my issue? Well, my issue is getting engulfed, overwhelmed and totally driven by marriage. People think and talk about marriage like its the only thing left to do in their lives. Per time, its all they are working towards. I mean; How my current boyfriend does not get snatched by his ex, how I can show my girlfriend that I am the perfect husband material, how I can impress him with my body and submission, ….. And it goes on and on like that, the real issue is how people are so overtaken by this things that they forget marriage is not the endpoint at all. 

Marriage is not where it all starts at all and it is definitely not where it ends. Prepare for making your life have meaning outside marriage, prepare for being a human being that can stand on his or her own outside marriage. It’s bitter trying to get married to make yourself whole or to make your life meaningful ,’you can do good all by yourself’.

And yes, before I forget, please don’t let pressure either force you to be bitten by the marriage bug because all the people mounting the pressure won’t live your life for you. You will. Marriage is not by force and getting married on people’s time is definitely not your problem.

So live life,do all you got to do without bothering so much on something that would eventually come in God’s time.


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