The God’s Kind of Love

You know that overwhelming feeling of discovering something beautiful and you just want to keep telling everyone?  That’s how I feel right now.
So the God’s kind of love….
I was reading through 1Jn 4 when I realised something beautiful. Let me first share the scripture itself..


I realised our whole Christian walk is about LOVE.  We cannot even boast of knowing God if we do not love one another not God but one another.
You know its quite easy to say you love God,  I mean look at all he has done for us; dying for us,  giving us life,  grace,  mercy. The real issue is our fellow humans, with all sort of behaviours,  attitude, lifestyles,  emotions. Oh boy!  Now that’s the difficult aspect because humans can be annoying including myself ;).  However the scriptures have made us realise,  that is the true test of loving God. You simply cannot claim to love God and not love other people; good or bad people,  believers or unbelievers, everybody. 
John put it in this very simple way : The command we have from Christ is blunt; Loving God includes loving people. You’ve got to love both.
You cant love God you can’t see and not love people you can see.
The next thing that came to my mind is what exactly is love?  What really does it entail and of course I got my reply in 1 Cor 13


God in his gracious wisdom has already given us the characteristics of love. So if we want to know if we are living in the God’s kind of love or even anytime we use that word we really should test it against the background of that scripture.  How do we react in difficult circumstances? Can we endure?  Do we rejoice in evil things?  Are we proud and arrogant?  Do we always want to have our way?
Those are ways to really look at our lives to see if we are exhibiting the God kind of love.
After looking at the scripture, I started thinking to myself that these attributes can sometimes be difficult.  Really there are times we can look at someone and be like this person is too wicked to deserve any form of kindness or we can just get tired of being patient with something or someone.  It happens. And then another scripture came to my mind.
A sweet fellow once told me “dare I say I love you like God does” and he sent that bible verse.


Yes!  We are already filled with the God’s kind of love,  we know how to love like God does because the Holy Spirit has filled us with the God’s kind of love.
Basically it really does not have to be difficult to love others because we already know how to. Let’s just ask the Holy Spirit to help us with it,  remember he can teach us all things but we have to ask first. Remember we already have the ability to love like God does,  we really can live like Christ on earth! And that is just awesome!!!


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