A Season of Unrest


Running like horses, sleeping like dogs
Wandering like camels looking for rest
Gunshots here, explosions there
Death and evil everywhere
Waiting and wailing like we are crazy
People are missing, everyone in pains
Days of rest and peace are no more
It’s now a season of real pains
We are worried, furious and hungry
Tired of running, sobbing and praying
Tired of hoping for peace unseen
Heads between legs in acceptance of defeat
Old women, pregnant ladies and little children are weak
Breathing their last or struggling to survive
Overflow of defeated blood and rampant open sores
Makes our mouths dry
Our blood cold
And our eyes close
Giving up our empty souls
To the unrelenting grip of a hopeless death
Our minds dimly questions
“Would there ever be peace?”
The sounds of gunshots give the reply
And it starts all over again

                             Onashile Blessing

This was written a while back by my baby sister with little editing work from me. Just thought I should share😅


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