I was supposed to meet Deji yesterday but my schedule was so tight, I just couldn’t make it. Deji often taunted me that it would be easier to see the President of the United States than to see me, so if its only chatting he can get he would take it joyfully. I felt bad that I couldn’t meet up with our appointment so I decided to totally clear up my schedule for tonight and spend it with him.
I have known Deji for a long time but we have really never been close until a month ago when we started chatting on Whatsapp and I started realizing what a fun person he was. He was just the perfect lightening end to my usually hectic day and my usual reservation about guys always being players ready to devour every lady simply gradually disappeared.
Growing up in a Christian home and in a proper Christian way, I had serious reservations about going to Deji’s house but then it was Deji. What could possibly happen? I didn’t even think of him in any romantic manner, he was just basically that playful friend that usually cracked me up. I basically ignored that soft insistent warning at the back of my head and decided that if at all anything comes up, I will shift the discussion to God and to the Bible and probably even preach to him. The plan seemed so perfect, too perfect and I believed I had a perfect defense. I honestly believed it.
I finished the last of my assignments and research in the library and got ready to have a free night for the first time in months. I rushed to my room, had a really warm and relaxing bath, dressed casual and got ready to have fun. I was really excited to see Deji and he seemed excited to see me too, after chatting for over a month without seeing each other, we definitely were supper excited.
I raced to his bed like a little girl, I was free! It was a “no book” night. I didn’t realize how much I have missed having normal conversations, something outside the books. We talked about everything and nothing, we played games, enjoyed each other’s company, we ate, drank and just had fun. Then it was time for me to go and I was mentally chiding myself “You see nothing happened!”
I looked at Deji, something had changed. His face was a mask of intense concentration, he was holding me, looking so deep into my eyes, it was like he was searching for something. My voice became small “Deji what is it?”
He looked like he was struggling to say something and the next moment he just let my hand go “Don’t worry, I would be fine”
“No, Deji what is it?”
“There is no point Ayo, you can’t or won’t do anything about it.” At that moment, I made up my mind to do anything to take away the sudden sadness from him.
“Why don’t you say it first?” He held me again, hugging me tightly, I almost felt suffocated. “I don’t want you to leave yet. I feel terribly lonely; I have no one else to talk to. Please stay.”
Going to his house was one thing, sleeping over was another. I looked at his face, I searched my conscience, I looked at his face again. Then I made up my mind.

I would post the rest of this soonest😅.


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