Letter to My First Year Female Friend


Hello dear,
Welcome to the University where you will taste full freedom for the first time, where you will own your life and you are responsible to no one, where your parents can only hear but not see, where your principles and decisions can differ from that of your parents without them raising hell, where no one really cares because you are assumed to know what you are doing.
Only you and I know that you do not know what you are doing because you are really not of age. But do not worry! Age is not maturity and you can know what you are doing if you heed to my kind heartfelt words of wisdom. You look of age, you sometimes act of age but do not let that deceive you. Looks can be deceiving.
Priority is most important here, where several important and unimportant things contest for your scarce attention. Remember why you left your house, remember in the beautiful contest for your attention that you must not totally forget your degree. Its fine if you decide you wouldn’t need it but then everything worth doing is worth doing well. Why spend five years in school and the reason for going there in the first place is totally defeated.
Don’t underestimate the place of God. You would get overwhelmed with so many things and at some point it would feel like you are being crushed with all those things. Only God would give you the power to overcome and triumph any and every situation here. Don’t forget God in all you do, if you don’t the journey would be smoother.
Open your eyes and open up your senses. Beware! Things are always not as they seem. Those handsome and seemingly cool looking guys flocking around you and professing eternal love for you are not what they seem. You are nothing but a mere game to them. They simply want to see how fast they can destroy you. Flee from them, don’t even listen! (Whatever you don’t want to eat then don’t smell). All they want is to get in between your legs and once they do they will forget you like yesterday.
Make friends but select your friends wisely. You cannot be an island on your own, you would need people. They would be of so much help during your trying times.
Finally, take out time to experience new GOOD things, try out your talents, express yourself. The University is a place for discovery, discover who you really are.
I love you and do not wish you go through misery as some have simply because they either had no one to advice them or did not heed to advice.
Remember, experience is not the best teacher, information is.
A word is enough for the wise.
                     Love you so much


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