Inspiration from an Indian Movie


Things couldn’t be worse
One over another
In torrents and more torrents
Gradually the depression crawls in
The sadness is overwhelming
And you wonder
Why life had to be bitter
And why the bitterness
Had to come from the ones
You love the most
Then something distracts you
Steals your focus
Its the sound of joyous singing
Melodious and real
Dancing and drumming
Jumping and mischievous play
The heroine with ridiculous timid gestures
Hero with laughter evoking expressions
And for a brief moment you forget your worries
You join in the heartfelt singing
You dance till you’re literally paper light
Then the song is over
Your heart beats return to normal
And you wonder again
Why you should ever be sad
Then you realise
Perspective changes a lot of things
You smile at the timid heroine
And decide to go back to your worries
To solve them
With a huge bout of happiness


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