Fence – Daily Prompt

You treated me like a Queen. You dressed me in sapphire and diamonds, you showed me love and affection like I have never seen before. You respected me in front of your peers, you were a perfect gentleman, the man of my dreams, my prince charming.

I waited for you to say the words, that would make me your wife, after all there was nothing else left but that. I made excuses, your work, your age, your time, everything. Now, I am tired.

Its been seven years, I am still your best friend, your Queen, confidant, business partner,everything but yours. I have grown weary of waiting. You seemed oblivious to this, content with treating me right. You don’t want any other close to me, just you, yet I am not yours.

I summon the courage, I ask you “when exactly are we getting married?”

The look on your face was the first hint, that all was not as I thought

“My love, you are my best friend, my sister, that’s what matters right?”

I shrink from your presence, I felt like I had been hit. I still gather the last of my dignity, “were you ever going to make me your wife?”

You laugh to my face, “Wife? What’s gotten into you, you are my sister for goodness sake, I would get married but not soon and definitely not to you hon”

I suddenly feel a hatred so strong, it threatened to overwhelm me. I don’t care what anyone says, you were playing a game, you had always been playing and I was the unfortunate pawn.

You were playing fence, you were neither here nor there, you were perfect on the fence, you sat at a very right angle, you made everyone see what you wanted them to see. To the girls a perfect bachelor and to me a married single guy.

You can’t convince me otherwise until you come down from the fence, your fence, to my side of the fence. The marriage side of your fence.


Here is my entry for the WordPress daily prompt Fence


3 thoughts on “Fence – Daily Prompt

  1. You’ve truly put me at a tight corner. Am I supposed to read this in it’s face? Or construe it to mean something else?

    Anyways, your imagination has taken you very far this time around. Very far I must repeat.

    My fingers are presently like the crucifix…I’m wait.

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