When is the day of the Lord?


I think I have realised something about the Christian Faith which the bible also emphasized and its encouraging one another, being there to help up one another. Sometimes, it could feel like is it really worth it? Doubts and fear starts creeping in and we get to that spiritual low and all the wrong things starts happening. At those kind of moments,the impact of being there for one another is immeasurable, to be assured that no matter how tough it might seem you are not in the race alone. This has helped me so many times and I think I could use this avenue to help us, that is it would equally be helping me. So as a result I decided to share whatever I learn with everyone to remind us that we are not alone.
Now, to the bible passage above. Do we sometimes imagine or think about how long ago the bible was written and it was written that long ago that the day of the Lord is near? Then you start thinking how near is near really? I mean some over two thousand years and near is still not here(feeling my rhyme). Is it really still going to come? Why is God wasting time? Won’t some fall away because of this time wasting?
Those thoughts pass through my mind some times but I think that passage answers us perfectly. Nothing God does is imperfect, He loves us so much that as much as he hates the sin of the world he is still willing to wait so more can be saved. I think he is more eager to see us come home than we are to go home but he really does love mankind. He really does. Can you imagine how many times you have risen and fallen in this walk? If not of his patience where really would we be?
Basically, no one knows about when the day of the Lord but we as Christians are not to be caught unaware because of the Holy Spirit that lives in us and because we are obeying the rest of that passage; living holy in purity and peace. So instead of worrying about when the day of the Lord would be let us not be found wanting, let’s keep striving to be perfect, to be more like him. I think it would be nice to read the entire 2 Pet 3, me think it would be a blessing *smiles*.


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