I Don’t Care!!!


As humans we all definitely have our limits and sometimes we meet people who either deliberately or otherwise try to test these limits. In those kind of moments it is very possible to lose every sense of logicality and just want to fight it out with whosoever we feel want to cheat us or take us for granted. It is in those kind of moments we get to a point of “I don’t care!!!” That means a point of “let anything happen I must fight this out” ,”if I die, I die”, “somebody must die here”.
Really, let’s take a moment to consider it, is it really worth it? Its at this point my Dad’s quote above comes in; “when two people fight it becomes difficult to know who is more sensible”
Okay, let me paint a scenario so we get this quote properly. Two people start arguing on the road, let’s say a bus conductor and a passenger. Eventually the argument gets very intense and they start throwing punches, slaps and start tearing each other’s clothes and rolling in the mud. Then you appear at that point, how do you want to ascertain who is right or wrong? Importantly, how do you ascertain who is sensible? The truth is there is no way, unless maybe the fight breaks up and you hear the sides of the story but still the one that might probably be more sensible has taken that away with the fighting.
Basically there must be a better way to resolve an issue than to fight because at the end of the day you might not achieve anything than the soiling of your reputation, name and general public embarrassment.
My Dad would say he that has ears let him hear!!!


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