Men are Victims too!!!–The Poem


At home
A million shards of glass
Pierced by her careless words
I feel useless
And less of a man too
I provide
I protect
But it is never enough
My ego dead
My pride fried
My esteem burnt
She hits me
She scratches
She punches
Then she cries
And I am helpless
I cannot retaliate
The world would crucify me
For she is a woman

At work
She loves my physique
Sexy as hell
She is much too lonely
And I am the convenient victim
She is the boss
The little I provide
I get from her
And away it can all go
Once she feels rejected
She bends me
She breaks me
I become the woman
And she the man
I scream
No one hears
I struggle
No one cares
I accept my fate
I cannot fight
The world would crucify me
For she is a woman

At breaking point
I snap
I can take it no more
She hits
I hit
She shouts
I beat
Boss touches
I push away
Boss calls
I ignore
The world is agitated
The world is angry
I have touched the special one
I am a wife beater
In a funny irony
I am a rapist
They want blood
They want remorse
I look defiantly into their eyes
And I silently whisper
“Men are victims too”


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