Focus! That is the essence of this quote, you have to choose the direction and path you want to take and focus on it.
Imagine for a moment that you are trying to look up and down at the same time; first, you would realise that you wouldn’t be able to gain anything substantial, second, you would be hugely distracted and disoriented, third, you would use a lot of energy and end up being unproductive.
The same thing can be said about our walk with God; you can’t serve God and mammon at the same time, you just have to define your focus and stick it to it. The bible says if you are warm God would spit you out! You are either for God or you are not, its straightforward. You either do the things of God or of the Spirit of God or you don’t, you either walk by the flesh or by the spirit.
It is all about making a choice, a decision and being focused with it.
So basically decide what your focus would be and stick with it.


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