Complete in Him


I was in my first year in the university, young, naive and free when  my brother gave me this beautiful quote by St. Augustine and it has never left me.
An all encompassing quote that summarizes the entire human race struggles, frustrations and problems. Have you ever wondered why even after achieving everything; a beautiful career, a wealthy lifestyle, a loving spouse, an awesome and close knitted family, we still feel empty and unfulfilled?
This is simply because those are not the essence of our creation, they are just not why we were made. We were made for one purpose and every other thing is secondary; we were made for God. We were made to serve him, to be complete in and with him, outside him there is no true fulfillment, true peace, true joy or true achievement.
Once we come to know Him, nothing else is better because we become who we really are with Him. I honestly think it is one of the reasons if we withdraw from him we do not feel the same anymore.
Why exactly am I saying all these? Two major reasons. First an awesome friend once told me, I can’t see something so good, so beautiful and not keep telling you because I know what you are missing. So due to the fact that I have seen and experienced something so beautiful that I think everyone can so much benefit from, of course I want to share it. Second, there are so many people suffering in silence and feeling hopeless and just want to give up and I just want to hold their hands and tell them there is hope when you look to the only source of true hope and to
the only one that can complete you. Truly we would always be restless until we rest in Him.


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