Changing Blood


I sat quietly for a long while,thinking of a lot of things when I suddenly realized that we are a reflection of our parents whether we like it or not. Consciously or unconsciously they rub off on us and I had known over the years that mine have rubbed off on me. I mean, sometimes even when we think.
I grew up practically listening to my Dad’s words of wisdom almost everyday and I realized they have actually guided me through life and have helped me make a lot if wise decisions. Whenever I speak with people, knowingly or unknowingly I use them so its only natural I decide to share them.
So I have decided to share them here occasionally and just probably it might help others as much as it as helped me.
Now, referring to the particular quote above, we all know that sometimes parents can do some things that we are not cool with and expect we rejoice. The simple truth is no matter what you do, you can’t decide they are no longer your parents, it is a blood thing it can never be undone. Even if you run from them, even if you ignore them,disobey them, disrespect them, it doesn’t change anything like anything! They would still be forever connected to you by blood. Instead of being miserable, filled with bitterness and always frustrated you could try to understand them.
Apparently it would never be easy, but they are humans too and they can see your efforts, you could try to see things from their angle. And do not forget that true understanding would be reflected in your afterwards attitude to them, it might not be convenient but remember they have also gone through several inconveniences for your sake. Maybe, just maybe in understanding them they can come to understand you too.
In the end, you cannot change them but you can change their perspective, about so many things and ultimately about you.


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