Travel Musings



They have always been all around me yet I do not see them. My eyes looking through them and not seeing them at all. Sweaty bodies, running in between vehicles and shoving goods here and there without a single care for their life. Ever shouting not stopping to catch their breath. In the hot scorching sun or in the drizzling rain yet I see nothing at all.

However today my consciousness finally took notice of a mild incessant disturbance at the side of my window, screaming directly into my ears that I buy what I need not. Running without missing a bit at the same pace with the vehicle.  I was about to snap at the young, sweaty and untidy looking man, the noise was indeed irritating but then I remembered with a shudder what daddy always said “may you never see the other side of life”. My words died mid way  in my throat as I realized that irritating incessant and disturbing noise by my window side under the hot sun was someone’s means of survival.


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